About Soak...

Soak was conceptualized through Founder Christy LoPresto’s own need for self care and restoration. Her mission was to help others achieve self love and holistic healing through an offering of intention based products. At present the line includes soy wax candles, herbal bath soaks and palo santo bundles. When combined, the products work harmoniously to create a natural cleansing environment that is traditionally believed to have positive health benefits.

All products are Certified organic, sustainable and vegan.

Are you ready to Soak? 


"Your self love is a medicine
for the earth..."

~ Yung Peublo

Stemming from the Greek word balneae, meaning bath, Balneotherapy is the belief that hot water packed with natural minerals can carry great medicinal benefits. It is also the belief that bathing in natural occurring mineral waters can heal certain diseases. 

Crystal Energy

The power and beauty behind crystal healing has been around for centuries, mostly used in alternative medicine by shamans, light workers and priests. Crystals are known for their unique and special properties. It is believed that crystals vibrate at the same energy wave as humans- so much so that the energy between the stone and human resonates and either combats the vibrational energy of illness or amplifies that of health. Each crystal carries their own unique property

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants. Distilling and distracting parts of the plants or flowers, roots, resin and peels. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years all around the world for medicinal and health related issues. Benefits of the oils come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti -inflammatory properties. There is proven research to support the idea of your brain chemistry changing when essential oils are inhaled. Studies show that the oil activates the brains hypothalamus, which control, energy, hormones and drive. Different oils trigger different responses from the brain, which directs your nerves system to relax. 

Soak Collaborations

We are so happy to announce our collaboration with Spiritual development life coach Michelle Brock.
Michelle Brock
 is a spiritual life coach who specializes in past life regression. She is also an intuitive counselor, psychic medium, a master hypnotist, and has studied spirituality, shamanism, meditation, divination, astrology, and energy medicine techniques from many different world traditions. Based on her own experience, including uncovering her own past life memories and the spiritual journey that resulted, Michelle, is an experienced guide and a true mentor to anyone who wishes to learn more about their own, true, eternal nature and the journey over many lifetimes that we are all on.

Each of our Soak Bathing Ritual sets come with a complimentary guided meditation and mantra by Michelle.