Thai Tea Bath Soak

Thai Tea Bath Soak


Balance your spirit with our invigorating Thai Tea Soak. 

The Thai Tea Soak is a combination of ingredients commonly used In Thailand. The combination of Sea Salt, certified organic ground ginger powder, certified organic dried orange peel, Certified organic dried lemon grass, organic lemon grass essential oil, organic dried holy basil leaves, organic holy basil essential oil, papaya seed essential oil, coconut oil, certified organic dried jasmine flower. Will have you feeling grounded, peaceful & calm.

As the ginger, lemon grass and holy basil lifts the impurities and toxins out of your body and the orange & jasmine brings a rejuvenating calm to your mind body and spirit. 

Use the provides muslin Tea bag, fill your tea bag half way with salt mixture and tie tightly on top. Fill up your bath tub with the desired temperature water and drop tea bag into water. You will start to notice the water change color slightly. Allow a few minutes for the tea combination to steep. 2 mins. Then you may start your soak! Soak for a minimum of 20 mins and maximum of 45 mins. 

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includes : 1 x 16 oz organic Bath salt creation infused with certified organic herbs and essential oils.